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Interconnection through Audiovisual Art

What is Otodojo Nodes?

Otodojo Nodes is a community enriched by interconnection through audiovisual art. Our name originates from a Japanese word meaning "A place of learning for sound," and the idea that each of us is a confluence within a larger ecosystem. Our collections will showcase otodojo's (and our collaborative partners') aesthetic and novel techniques in token form. Each will be a musing upon a philosophical concept from otodojo's unique perspective. All of our drops will have a public component to be as inclusive as possible, while simultaneously bringing value to our collectors by granting exclusive utility such as access to performances and airdrops.


At Otodojo Nodes, we don't make empty promises or use unsustainable growth methods. Our art and community represent the intrinsic value of our NFTs. Our roadmap will periodically be updated to reflect the progress of our project.

Roadmap V2.1-modified.png

Our Creators



Artist, Co-founder

"otodojo's work as a producer, DJ, and visual artist always feels like going somewhere, which makes sense, since their moniker is a play on words amounting to "a sound place for learning." Whether traveling through time or space, there's always a hint of magic, an intuitive sense of when to push the listener and when to give them room to breathe or a playful release." -Lychee

otodojo is a multimedia artist based in Detroit, who balances their highly psychedelic music work with projections that complete the comprehensive audiovisual experience. They have released albums A Sound Place (2019) on Acid Camp, and PJ007: otodojo - Returning to Neo-Tokyo (2022) on Perimeter Junk, in addition to many mixes and EPs. Oftentimes, their art embodies themes based on their own experiences such as identity, consciousness, and societal and environmental healing.


otodojo is an affiliate of Microtones. Aside from their art, they have a PhD in Chemistry from Cornell University and hold a black belt in karate.

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Ryu Goto
Project Manager, Co-founder

Ryu, prior to entering the NFT space, was a professional violinist whose career  spanned nearly three decades, having performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Suntory Hall, Musikverein, Syndey Opera House, and Gasteig Munich. He joined the Cardano NFT space in early 2021. He is a firm believer in Cardano's vision of sustainability, and that NFTs represent a paradigm shift in bringing back power to the hands of artists in all stages.


Aside from his musical and crypto pursuits, he has an AB in Physics from Harvard University. As an avid martial artist, he holds a black belt in karate and has represented the US in numerous competitions.


Collection 1: Uzumaki
Genesis Sold Out!!

Uzumaki (渦巻): n. "Spiral, eddy, whirlpool" This collection will feature the idea that we oftentimes experience our lives in a cyclical way, wherein the events are iterations of themselves, similar but distinct, made so by our ever evolving perspectives.

There will be a Genesis and a Generative component. Genesis will be an exclusive and handmade set of 144 pieces, with 12 fully looping pieces each across 12 moods. Generative will be algorithmically derived from the moods established in Genesis, and supply will be determined by an uncapped mint within a limited window of time.

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